Sunday, December 26, 2010

Echo Minott - Upfront Lover

Another tuff tune on the Music Master label. Echo Minott with Upfront Lover on the "Original Dj Juggling" riddim from Whitfield "Witty " Henry.

Sanchez - Old Friends

On the lovers tip here with the crooner Sanchez and the tune "Old Friends" on the Redman International label. This one is a wicked tune on The Beatitude aka Dangerous riddim. dsr vprd 317.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Black - Just Like Magic

Another gem from Bounty J. Sugar Black with Just like Magic on the Photographer label. This one on The Exit riddim (aka screechie across the border riddim). Check out these other tunes which are on the same riddim :

Merry Christmas and thanks again Bounty.

Red Dragon - Nah Get Nuttin

Back on the Sleng Teng / Computer riddim. This one an early Red Dragon tune with Nah Get Nuttin. 1986 release on the 10 Roosevelt Ave label. Check out these other tunes on the Sleng Teng / Computer riddim:

Roland Burrell - Run Come

Another tuff tune from Bounty's crates. Roland Burrell with Run Come. Released in the early 80's on the Hurrycane label.

Ugly Man - Computer

Part 2 of Bounty's early Christmas present.. Uglyman (Ugliman) with Computer on the early Sleng Teng / Computer riddim. 1985 release on the 10 Roosevelt Ave label. Real early digi tune this one.

Little John - Trembling Stylee

First part of the latest BOUNTY J vinyl pack that was sent over to me. Nuff respect as always Bounty. This one is from Little John with Trembling Stylee. 1986 on the Harry J label. Traffic Jam riddim. A few more tunes were released on this riddim by Harry J, 10 Roosevelt Ave, Dennis Star and Sunset labels.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

General Levy - Wickeder General EP

Part 2 of the Fashion Records double dose. This time we have General Levy with the Wickeder General EP. Released in 1993 but pressed and distributed by FFRR records (part of the London Records group). Junior Dunn voices the classic Maytals "Monkey Man"lyrics. Re-mixes are included. dsr fx 214.

Louchie Lou & Michie One - Rich Girl

Double dose from the Fashion Studios out of the UK (Clapham, London), kindly donated by the Ninja / Bounty crew. First up is Louchie Lou & Michie One with Rich Girl. Released in 1993 on the Fever Pitch riddim. 5 cuts on this vinyl with various re-mixes. This was quite a trade mark of Fashion records. Many of their later releases contained hip-hop, main, accapella and club mixes. dsr vprd 5221.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carl Meeks / Carl Brown - Beeper Business

Ok.. Here is Beeper Business. I am always glad to help out with requests as long as i have them. Big respect goes out to RIPPAMMELL for this one. I hope he doesn't mind the re-upload of this tune (his site is no longer up). Now comes the part which help is needed.... in the file it is credited to CARL BROWN, but on the web it is credited (overall) to CARL MEEKS, but i found 1 site which states carl brown. Anyone know?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ninjaman - Step Aside

1991 release from The Don Gorgon, Ninjaman, with Step Aside on the Rythem Track label. Produced by Callo Collins. On the Rush Dem riddim built by Steely & Clevie (entitled after the same track released by Shaggy Wonder). dsr rt001.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Garnet Silk - Love Me Or Leave Me

Another classic tune from Garnett Silk with Love Me Or Leave Me. 1992 release on the Tan Yah label. Also released on the Steely & Clevie label. Re-pressed and re-released a few years ago. dsr Ty-037 (original), TY-704 (re-press) and 2582 (steely & clevie). Love Me Forever riddim.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tinga Stewart & Ninjaman - Take Time To Know Her

1989 12'' Hawkeye (UK label) release. Tinga Stewart & Ninjaman with Take Time To Know Her. Also released
as a 7'' on the Music Master label (JA). Produced by Whitfield ‘Witty’ Henry.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Chrome Nine - Resurrection bw Papa San - A Wah

Out of the Shocking Vibes stable from 1991. Chrome Nine with Resurrection and on the flip side we have Papa San with A Wah (on the You Dead Now riddim).

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Naphtali - Hole Up Your Hand

Back on the Uk tip with Naphtali (East London) with another digi classic. Believe me.. you don't want to miss this one.. "They come a danchell fi sight gateman...."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

White Mice - Dally Stylie

This one is a massive tune, in a rub a dub style. White Mice with "Dally Stylie". Released in 1985 on the Tuffest vibes label, this was (apparently) White Mice's first release. Produced by Neville Dreadlocks.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gregory Isaacs - Report To Me

Where can you start....... sad, sad news that has reached us today.. The Cool Ruler passed away this morning in his London home. One of the greatest pioneers of reggae music, his foundation songs, his lovers tunes, his dancehall tunes... he will be very sadly missed. In true Gregory style... report to me..bless

Eek A Mouse - A Wha Do Dem

A wicked piece on the Answer riddim, Eek-A-Mouse with A Wha Do Dem. This has got to be one of the best "versions" of the riddim.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Joesy Wales - Kingston Hot

Josey Wales pon The Answer riddim with the classic "Kingston Hot". Released in 1982 on Kris Disk records, and also appeared on the Volcano label.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tafari & Paul Fox - Jah Jah Bless Mandella

Back on the Uk tip, with such a killer track from Tafari & Paul Fox with Jah Jah Bless Mandella. This one has got it all, the lyrics, the bass in a true Uk digi style. If you have never heard this one, now is your chance.......

Friday, September 24, 2010

Dennis Brown - The Exit

Question... What do you get when you put The Crown Prince of Reggae in a studio with King Jammy?
Answer... This killer, classic digital tune !
Dennis Brown with The Exit. Released in 1985 on the Unity label. The Exit riddim (aka screechie across the border riddim). dsr un10 a/b. Rewind Mi Selector......!!!!

Lieutenant Stitchie - Story Time

Digi Reggae at it's best... this one from 1987 on the Stereo One label. The lyrical & funny Dj Lieutenant Stitchie with Story Time on The Exit riddim (aka screechie across the border riddim).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fire Fox - Eye Video

This one on the Youth Promotion label from 1987. Fire Fox with Eye Video. Produced by Lincoln "Sugar" Minott.

General Levy - Original Length And Strength bw Domonik - Glad She Resign

1991 release from Fashion Records on their Censored Explicit label. 12" with 5 tracks, but headlining the bill is General Levy with Original Length And Strength and on the flip is Domonik with Glad She Resign. dsr fad 086.Uk stylee. Bless Ninja & Bounty

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Supercat - Sandokan

1998 Full Up riddim on the Exterminatorlabel. A Timeless classic from Supercat with Sandokan. Bless

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cutty Ranks - Experience

This one is a Rewind Mi Selector favourite. 1996 Digital B release on the Cuss Cuss riddim with Cutty Ranks chatting "Experience". Loud, loud, loud...... Big up to WAREE for this one.

Crucial Robbie - Proud To Be Black

Part 1 of Jumbowejumbo's latest contribution. UK deejay Crucial Robbie on a 12" released on the Y and D label. On the a side we have "Proud To Be Black" with version and on the flip side, "Question To All Woman", released in 1988. Wicked digital style...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ping Wing - Commady Buisness

Part 2 of Jumbowejumbo's latest contribution. On the Track Star label from 1989. Ping Wing with Commady Buisness. A crazy

Sanchez & Stinger Man - Hello Josephine

Part 3 of Jumbowejumbo's latest contribution. On the Vena label from 1987. Sanchez & Stinger Man with Hello Josephine inna combination style. Tough tune..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scorpion - Gal Inna Me Dream

1988 Parish release here in a combination stylee with Scorpion and Everton Chambers singing Gal Inna Me Dream. One of my favourites and the version is tough too.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Duppy - The Hax

Tough contribution from JUMBOWEJUMBO here. Two 7" digital tunes from 1986 on the Leggo Sounds label. This one is Duppy with The Hax. These are a must.

Cane Juice - Joker Bad Boy

Part 2 of Jumbowejumbo's contribution. Again on the Leggo Sounds label from 1986. This one Cane Juice with Joker Bad Boy. Thanks .....

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Clarkie - She Big And Ready bw Don't Go Away

Back on the Uk tip with some classic digital tunes out of London town from the Jah Tubby's stable. Double A side 12" released in 1990. Little Clarkie - She Big And Ready and on the flip side Don't Go Away. dsr ydd 0143. Pure wickedness. Big up Bounty!

Dennis Brown & Trinity - Let Me Love You / Uptown Girl

1980 12" release on the Joe Gibbs Music label with"The Crown Prince" Dennis Brown & Trinity with Let Me Love You / Uptown Girl. dsr JGMD 80100. Big thanks Waree

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ninjaman & Bounty Killer - Badman A No Cub Scout bw Wayne Smith - Morning News

The 3rd part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja..... yeah yeah...Bounty & Ni nja...respect every time :) The Son and The Father together on the classic "Badman A No Cub Scout". Also released on the Greensleeves label and soon came the jungle remix.... anyway that's another subject... by the way..did i forget..on the flip side is Wayne Smith with Morning News. King Jammy's Production. El verano ya se ha ido!!!!

Courtney Melody - Black Liberation bw Stop Inform

The 1st part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja. This one the US based label Crat Productions, from Brooklyn. Courtney Melody on a 12" excursion with Black Liberation and the flip side Stop Inform. True digital style. dsr brcr 2. Bless.

Malibu - Push Wood

The 2nd part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja. This one a bit of a mystery. But once you hear it you gonna want to "Push Wood Inna Di Fire". Produced by P. Roberts On Daddy Roots label from 1985

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bounty Killer - Go Now

Lord have mercy.... GCT Tax gon 15%... They must go now.........
The big bad Bounty Killer on the Stalag riddim from 1991. Nuff respect Waree.

Trinity - Three Piece Suit bw Mighty Two - Big Fat Thing

On the I'm Still In Love With You Riddim. Produced by Joe Gibbs in 1977, on the A side we have Trinity with Three Piece Suit and on the flip side Mighty Two - Big Fat Thing. Can't make up my mind which is the better tune....Thanks WAREE. dsr 3269A + 3270B

Peter Metro & Jackie Statement - Yes Daddy

Another massive Waree contribution. 1987 release on the Power House label. Peter Metro & Jackie Statement on the No Mama riddim with some crazy vocals by Peter Metro. Rewind mi selector and come back again...

Charlie Chaplin - Hey Youth Man

1984 Shank I Shenk riddim on the Sunset label. Charlie Chaplin with Hey Youth Man. Waree.. just love the feel of this record..!! Pure JA vinyl. dsr 3769A + 3770b

Horace Martin - Frazzle Out

1986 Skengdon release, Horace Martin with Frazzle Out.Produced by Kenneth Black. dsr skd 020 a/b. Big thanks to Waree.

Tenor Saw & Buju Banton - Ring The Alarm Quick

Wicked Waree contribution on the Techniques label. 1991 release inna mix up style with Tenor Saw and Buju Banton with Ring The Alarm Quick. Bless

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philip Myers - Getho Struggle

Every now and then a vinyl comes out of the crates, you play it, once, twice, three time, and before you know what, you can't take it off your decks.........this is one of them....and nuff respect goes to Bounty J for this one. the year 1986, Junior Militant label out of the US and Philip Myers with Getho Struggle in a true digital style...bless

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Papa San - Nuh Tek Me Serious

1988 Duck ridddim on the Steely & Clevie label. Papa San with Nuh Tek Me Serious. Tuff tune.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Banana Man - Rough Neck Sound Killer

On the Real Rock riddim, Banana Man with the wicked "Rough Neck Sound Killer" tune. 1989 Digital B.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Phillip Fraser - You're No Good

On a roots tip with this one. From 1979, Phillip Fraser with You're No Good

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Welton Irie - Don't Touch The Crack

Massive contribution from RIZOSTAR here, with Welton Irie's "Don't Touch The Crack" on the 10 Roosevelt Ave label. Released in 1987 on the Darker Shade of Black riddim.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Little Clarkie - Selector Him Good & Colonel Mite - Bless The Selector

Oh yes.... Jah Tubbys. Soundsystem and Record Label out of the Uk, widely respected for it's digi based dubs and tracks which started out in the mid 80's and is still going strong with many new releases in the early 2000's.
This one is Little Clarkie with Selector Him Good & Colonel Mite with Bless The Selector, and the dub on the flip side. 1986. dsr jt015. REWIND AND COME BACK AGAIN !!!!!

Micheal Prophet - 95 Degree In The Dance

Wicked Michael prophet with 95 Degree In The Dance on the Bun Gem label. 1987 Freedom Blues riddim.