Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sanchez & Stinger Man - Hello Josephine

Part 3 of Jumbowejumbo's latest contribution. On the Vena label from 1987. Sanchez & Stinger Man with Hello Josephine inna combination style. Tough tune..


Anonymous said...

Yes§! I Love you so much for putting this BiiiiG Tune up!
this tune is priceless. !

In one way, im really sad that you had to take down the Duppy and joker bad boy tunes, but in the other way, i love these tunes he gave you instead :o

jeremy said...

If you want give me your email , and i send to you the link for download this two tunes.

Blezzy Bounce said...

I would also got'em though :)
address is blezzy on