Sunday, June 27, 2010

Squeekman Ranky - Chiney Man Skinny

Part 1 of Bounty's latest tough contribution. Squeekman Ranky with Chiney Man Skinny on the Youth Promotion label from 1987. As his name suggests..Squeek... similar to Major Mackerel's style.

Chaka Demus - DJ Pon The Mike

Part 2 of Bounty's latest tough contribution. Chaka Demus with DJ Pon The Mike on the 10 Roosevelt Ave label from 1987. Wicked tune on the Two Year Old riddim.
Part 3 of Bounty's latest tough contribution. Ashman with Jealous on the Sunset label from 1986. Take It Easy riddim.

Wayne Palmer - Ready Fe She

Part 4 of Bounty's latest tough contribution. Wayne Palmer with Ready Fe She on the Bum Rock Ltd label from 1986. Bobby Babylon riddim.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sister Orly - DJ Queen & World War Connection

Big up to Rabbi Von Sydow for showing us another side to the global reggae music business. Sister Orly with Dj Queen on the a side and World War Connection on the b side, from 1984 on the independent label "Lost Tribes", produced by Yosi Fine. The first Israeli Woman Dj.... fi real!!
Check out this link for more behind the scene story of how ths record came to be..

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Horace Andy - Little Black Girl bw Africa

For all you Jah Shaka and Uk Dub fans (and anyone who has not got into this part of reggae yet!!).
Horace Andy with Little Black girl (side a) and Africa (side b). Wicked voice, wicked beats, and the unmistakable sound of Jah Shaka. dsr shaka 943. year 1993

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiger & Supercat - Wha Do Them

Another top Bounty contribution here. On the Ghetto red Hot riddim from the Wild Apache label from 1992. This one is a killer tune !!

Tippa Lee & Rappa Roberts - No Trouble We

1988 release on the Redman International label. Tippa Lee & Rappa Roberts on the Weh Dem Fah riddim with No Trouble We.

Courtney Melody - Down Presser

Digi reggae from the Ujama label, released in1987. Courtney Melody with Down Presser. Thanks Bounty!