Monday, June 14, 2010

Sister Orly - DJ Queen & World War Connection

Big up to Rabbi Von Sydow for showing us another side to the global reggae music business. Sister Orly with Dj Queen on the a side and World War Connection on the b side, from 1984 on the independent label "Lost Tribes", produced by Yosi Fine. The first Israeli Woman Dj.... fi real!!
Check out this link for more behind the scene story of how ths record came to be..


Yoav said...

yes i.. sister orly big respect original israeli female dj..
read the article very intresting

Selecta Lopch said...

Bad Bad bad !!! Big respect to the veteran Sista Orly I 've never listened about her before!! She is a great WOMAN FROM ISRAEL!!! Nuff Respect for her and for this blog