Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wayne Smith & Roots Radics - Slick We Slick

Another wicked 12" from Bounty J here. Never heard this tune before...Thanks Bounty. 1987 release on the Mb's record label from Japan, but recorded in JA. dsr mb809 a/b.

Gregory Peck - Over Size Mampie

Everyone must remember this track....thanks to Bounty J here is the 12" on the Steely & Clevie label from 1988. Vprd 438 a / aa.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Johnny Osbourne & Lady G - Sweet Mouth

Wicked tune in a combination style with Johnny Osbourne & Lady G. Released as a 12"on the Greensleeves label (Uk - gred 244 a/b) and also as a 7" on the Anchor label (Ja 5164 a / 5165 b). Produced by Augustus "Gussie" Clarke out of the Music Works studios which produced so many wicked tunes and riddims throughout the 80's and 90's.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Jah Warrior & Naph Tali - The 22nd Book

More on the Uk roots digital scene from 1995. Jah Warrior records. One of the best producers and labels from the Uk. Wicked bass and dub

Merry Christmas

To all who have helped out and contributed to the blogspot, and to all who have logged on. Bringing reggae music to all....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

King Everald & King Kong - Firehouse Dance Hall Christmas

Firehouse Dance Hall Christmas....... Bounty J.... Merry Christmas...thanks for all your tunes you have sent..respect every time....

Saturday, December 19, 2009

King General & The Bush Chemists - Joker Smokin

A Uk digi roots single here. King General & The Bush Chemists with Joker Smokin. Many people disregard and disrespect the Uk roots scene.....but i just love it, so many wicked tunes, artists and labels which keep the vibes going. Watch out as i will be posting more.

Mark James - Mob Him Kill Him

A massive digital reggae tune from 1989. Produced by Ronald Gordon.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Freddie McGregor - Big Ship

Going back to a tune which stands the test of time. Freddie McGregor with Big Ship on the Thompson Sound label from 1982. dsr 5088 a/b. Pure class.

Purpleman - Level Vibes Pumping

Another Toyan gift.. yeah yeah christmas is coming....... This time Purpleman on the Jammy's label. rub a dub style.dsr 0695 a/b

Barrington Levy & Half Pint - Do It

A Toyan gift for all of you... Barrington Levy & Half Pint with Do It. dsr 5093a / 5094b.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sime Ranks - When Mi Come

Thanks again to Ninja b for this one. Not much info on this one though...if anyone can help out please. For me Sime Ranks has a small resembelance with his style to Tippa Irie. Perhaps his is from the Uk, as there are many "traits" throughout the tune which point to a Uk production. dsr msr 003

Johnny P - Gwaan Like Don bw Dr. Nuts - Crazy Glue

More 12" happiness from Ninja B... this time on the Techniques label. 2 tuff tunes, first up Johnny p with Gwaan Like Don and then Dr (Professor) Nuts with Crazy Glue. Both on the Stalag riddim. dsr wrt 69 a/b

Mister Lee - Baby Mother Get Fraid

Kindly fowarded by Toyan, thanks. Rare 7" on the Jammy's red label from 1983. dsr 4684a / 4685b.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowball Brown - Chicquetita

I am going to break "protocol" here again with this tune....its a cd rip from a various artist album i have...with no version..(if anyone has this and wants to help out.....let me know).
Well, the other day i was checking out the comment box on the blog and BENJAH left a comment about any Snowball Brown tunes, any i had a look through my vinyls and cd's and low and behold...i had one, and then memories came flooding back from years ago when i first heard it and i just had to play the tune....Clive "Snowball" Brown with his crazy tune with such an unforgettable chorus, pure wickedness. Released in the Uk on the Pwl label (12" maxi even with karaoke version!!), whilst in JA it was released on the Arabic label 7". Big tune from 1994

Sunday, December 6, 2009

General Trees - Agony

what can i say????............Bounty J ......nuff respect every time..... this is a pure, wicked, rewind mi selector digital style vinyl...General Trees with Agony on the Exterminator label, dsr ad 1003.
this one hurts every time i play it....gwaaan..forward ......and rewind mi.................

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shabba Ranks - Bed Room Bully

1992 release on the Shanq Muzik label, produced by Steelie & Cleevie.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

General Trees - Mini Bus bw Sassa Frass - Love Mi Boops

12" on the Black Scorpio label donated by Ninja B. Featuring on the "A Side" General Trees with Mini Bus which was voted song of the year in 1986 by the Jamaican Broadcasting Corporation, copy and paste this link to read the interesting story behind this song and on the "AA Side" Sassa Frass with Love Me Boops. Both these artists were instrumental in the black scorpio sound system days and the early black scorpio studio era. dsr bscdis 001 a/aa

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Barrington Levy - Under Me Sensi

There are many reggae songs which over the years have been shelved in the "Classic Section" of this genre. This is one of them (and probably up there in the top 20). The original Barrington Levy with Under Me Sensi. Yeah, i am sure everyone has a least a mp3 download of this tune, but included here is the Sensi Mix, Under Me Trumpet and Under Me Dub and these tunes still sounds as fresh today. A true Rewind Mi Selector !!! 1984 on Time Records, produced by Jah Screw. African Beat riddim. dsr tr005 a/b. Many thanks as always to Ninja B.

Cutty Ranks - The System

12" from Ninja B. 1994 release on the Shang label with the unmistakable voice of Cutty Ranks. dsr shg15

Friday, November 27, 2009

Admiral Bailey - Punany bw Risto Benjie - Gimme The Money

12" with two artist tracks and the dub version on the 1986 Punany riddim from the King Jammy's stable. Classic riddim. Big up Ninja B for this one.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Daddy Lizard - Naculator

Yeah..more pon di peanie peanie riddim. This time Daddy Lizard from 1987 on a Digital B release..dsr 3434 a / 3435 b

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tony Tuff - No Do Mi Dat

Tony Tuff pon di Peanie Peanie riddim, backed by the Firehouse Crew, produced by Anthony 'Bunny Gemini' Dehaney.1988. dsr 4160 a / 4161 b

Papa Levi - Ackle & Bother

1990 release from the Ariwa studios based in south east london. Produced and engineered by the Mad Professor. Papa Levi on a ruff riddim with a wicked bass line and wicked dub on the flip side. dsr ari 226 a/b.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cocoa Tea - Uptight Saturday Night

Cocoa Tea on The Score riddim from 1991.

Louis Lepkie - You're Not Ready

Louis Lepkie on the Shank I Shenk riddim from 1984. dsr 2325 a / 2326 b.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Joe Mannix - Walk & Look Back

1988 release on the Parish label backed by the Fire House Crew. Duck riddim. dsr 6059 a / 6060 b

Peter Metro - No Chatta Box

Thanks Bounty !! Witty digital style with a wicked version. dsr mm 092.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shabba Ranks & Deborahe (Deborah) Glasgow - Don't Test Me

I can be as good as the best of them, and as bad as the worst, so don't test me, don't try and push me over, yeah.......... Wicked combination style with Shabba Ranks and Deborahe (Deborah) Glasgow from 1990. Ruff bass line produced by Augustus "Gussie " Clarke from the Anchor Recording Studios release on the Music Works label. dsr gc 716 a/b

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shabba Ranks - Ting A Ling


Ruff Shabba Ranks with Ting A Ling released on Clifton "Specialist" Dillon's Shang Muzik label from 1992. dsr shg 4383 a/b. Gigi riddim.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael Rose - Artibella

Classic, classic tune from Michael Rose with Sly & Robbie accompanied by The Taxi Gang.1975 release on the Taxi label. dsr taxi cb 3952

Monday, November 9, 2009

Junie Ranks - Plant Your Family

The first part of a double dose from the Hit Bound label kindly contributed by Toyan. Rub a dub 1983 style from Junie Ranks. dsr 2616 a/b

John Wayne & Johnny - Rain Fall Sun Shine

The 2nd part of the Hit Bound double dose. 1983 tune by John Wayne & Johnny in a rub a dub combination style. Wicked piece and thanks again Toyan!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Professor Nuts - No Gun

1987 release on the Waterhouse label. Professor Nuts in a digi style. dsr rmm 1278 a/b

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Major Mackerel - Labba Mouth

Part 1 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
The Major Mackerel with Labba Mouth from the bogle style riddim era. Crazy style !!

Little John - Knock Dem Out Cold

Part 2 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
The unmistakable voice of "singjay" Little John, a tuff tune this one. Any help with the riddim???

Super Beagle - Dust A Sound Boy

Part 3 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
Wicked intro from Fuzzy Jones. A true reggae dancehall classic this one. Super Beagle on the Stalag riddim

Lady P - Raffle Yuh Belly

Part 4 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
1990 release on the Redman International label by Lady P. Wicked digital style.

Lady G - Wanted List

Part 5 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
1994 release on the Roots Man label by Lady G in a bogle riddim style.

Junior Demus - Boy A Boy

Part 6 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
One of my all time favourite artists ....Junior Demus...just love his style. Boy A Boy.... unfortunately i can't find any info on the riddim or year.. any help on this one????

General Levy - Doctor

Part 7 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
General Levy on the Oh Carolina riddim from 1993 out of the Fashion (Uk) stable. dsr fadja 034a/b

Barrington Levy - Murderer

Part 8 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
Yes it is.....The classic Barrington Levy track on the Hot Milk riddim. wicked...just wicked....

Triston Palmer - Buy Out The Bar

Many thanks to Bounty J for this tune. Released in 1983 on the Black Solidarity label. Tuff Triston Palmer !

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Ninjaman - Excuse Me

1991 Ninjaman tune released on the Mr Doo label. dsr mdo 2267 a/b. Heavenless riddim

Peter Metro - You See Me

Another great contribution by Toyan. 1983 tune from Peter Metro on the Sweet Talking riddim. dsr ggr 5149 a/b.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lee Van Cliff - Out A Port

A massive thanks to Toyan for this one. A real classic rare gem. Lee Van Cliff inna rub a dub style from 1984 on the Arrival label. DSR 2323 A029

Frankie Paul - Sketell

A tune that some of you might not remember (although a lot of you will), but when you hear it.....rewind!!!!!! 1995 Boombastic riddim.

Little Twitch - Move Up

1990 Little Twitch tune on the Blue Mountain label. Produced by Bobby "Digital" Dixon on the Kuff riddim. bmd 104

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Garnett Silk & Anthony B - Promise To Serve

Combination style from 2 reggae greats, Garnett Silk & Anthony B. 1993 release on the Star Trail label.

Garnett Silk - All The Woman I Need

The voice of an angel...Garnett Silk. 1993 release on the Fatty Fatty riddim.