Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daddy Screw - Original Dimbo Bucket

Released on the Magic Sword label in 1992. Tuff tune this one !!!!

Singie Singie - Leave Badness Alone bw Jah Thomas - The N° 1 Sound

Released in 1985 on the Vibes and Vibes label. Get A Lick riddim. wicked rub a dub style, thanks Ninja / Bounty!! dsr vv005 a/b

Foxy Brown - Fast Car

Classic tune which still sounds as good today. The year was 1988 on the self titled Fast Car riddim. dsr vprd 451 a/b

Tiger - When

"Come again....just the other day mi go a japan.....when.....what kind of money dem spend....yen..."
yeah this is Tiger with When from 1991 on the Worm riddim. dsr sct 30

Monday, February 22, 2010

White Mice - Maniac & Tallawah

Double dose of White Mice for you courtesy of Ninja & Bounty. Released on the Buffalo label out of the US. The a side gives you Maniac and on the flip side Tallawah. dsr bmp 005 a/b

Dennis Brown - Do I Worry

Classic Dennis Brown with Do I Worry 12" from 1980 on the Love Linch label (uk), distributed by Jet Star Records. dsr ll014 a/b
Pull up mi selector and come back again!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hughie Izachaar - Line Up & No Escape

From 1995 on the Reggae On Top (Uk) label. Part of the vibrant Uk reggae scene with it's own distinctive sound. If you love hard bass lines, reverbs, echoes, horns etc etc then this is for you!
Pure wickedness.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sir G - Jammy's Selection Part 2

Part 2 of Sir G's tough contribution. 4 more wicked tunes from the King Jammy's studios. These are the original 7" vinyls with version big thanks to Sir G.

Little Twitch with Devil Send You Come from 1987 on the African Beat riddim.

Admiral bailey with Kater For Woman from 1987.

Flourgon with Sexy Body from 1988.

Admiral Bailey & Chaka Demus with One Scotch from 1986 on the Boops riddim.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Courtney Melody - Tonight You Gonna Die Soundboy

Killer sounclash tune for you... from 1988 on the Hurricane label... perhaps tonight is your night!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nardo Ranks - Box Bout

This one is on a white label. Although i believe it was finally released on the Shcking Vibes (Ja) and the Jet Star (Uk) labels. Year 1990... another Ninja / Bounty offering, give thanks....

Michael Palmer - Them A Lickshot

Sick riddim...... Michael Palmer with Them A Lickshot. dsr grade one go 13a/b.
Rewind Mi Selector !!!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Junior Murvin - Cool Down The Heat

The unmistakable voice of Junior Murvin with Cool Down The Heat on the Run Down The World riddim from King Jammy. Just as a little extra i have also added Echo Minott - Whip Appeal, Don Angelo - Petty Robber and Nitty Gritty - Run Down The World aka If Me Have A Girl for you.... Enjoy!!

Ninjaman & Tinga Stewart - Take Time To Know Her

Top combination duo which over the years produced many a top tune often occupying the nº1 spot on the jamaican reggae charts, Ninjaman & Tinga Stewart. This one is Take Time To Know Her from 1989 on the Music Master label (Witty).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

U Brown - Me Chat You Rock & It's Me

First post on the world renowned Trojan label. and you know who i have to thank for this....gwaan... yeah..Ninja & Bounty.....big up everytime mi bredren.....

This is a 12" release from 1982. dsr trot 9070. The A side gives you U Brown with "Me Chat You Rock" whilst the flip side brings you U Brown with "It's Me" (my favourite..). True Dj stylee from the beginnings of dancehall. remember your roots..............

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sir G - Jammy's Selection

A big thanks to SIR G for these 4 tunes on the Jammy's label. Real tuff tunes !!!

Pad Anthony with You Make My Day from 1987 on the I Wanna Rock riddim.

Dominic with Boy George aka Favour Boy George from 1987 on the Four Season Lover / Fresh riddim.

Leroy Sibbles with Need You Beside Me from 1987 on th All Night riddim.

Al Campbell with Can't Hold We from 1986 on the Real Rock riddim.

Simple Simon - Life Story

Big tune kindly donated by TOYAN. Simple Simon with Life Story on the Junjo label from 1985.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ninjaman - Drunk (Drink) And Drive


Oh yes......Ninjaman with Drunk (Drink) and Drive on the Pickout label from 1990. Punanny riddim. dsr pick 21 a/b. Enjoy

Major Mackerel - Wedding Plan bw Don T - Gal Look Good

12" release on the How Yu Fi Say Dat? label from 1994. 2 tracks, Major Mackerel with Wedding Plan and Don T with Gal Look Good. Both on the Run Girl Run riddim. dst vprd 5142 a/aa. thanks Ninja / Bounty.