Sunday, December 26, 2010

Echo Minott - Upfront Lover

Another tuff tune on the Music Master label. Echo Minott with Upfront Lover on the "Original Dj Juggling" riddim from Whitfield "Witty " Henry.

Sanchez - Old Friends

On the lovers tip here with the crooner Sanchez and the tune "Old Friends" on the Redman International label. This one is a wicked tune on The Beatitude aka Dangerous riddim. dsr vprd 317.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Super Black - Just Like Magic

Another gem from Bounty J. Sugar Black with Just like Magic on the Photographer label. This one on The Exit riddim (aka screechie across the border riddim). Check out these other tunes which are on the same riddim :

Merry Christmas and thanks again Bounty.

Red Dragon - Nah Get Nuttin

Back on the Sleng Teng / Computer riddim. This one an early Red Dragon tune with Nah Get Nuttin. 1986 release on the 10 Roosevelt Ave label. Check out these other tunes on the Sleng Teng / Computer riddim:

Roland Burrell - Run Come

Another tuff tune from Bounty's crates. Roland Burrell with Run Come. Released in the early 80's on the Hurrycane label.

Ugly Man - Computer

Part 2 of Bounty's early Christmas present.. Uglyman (Ugliman) with Computer on the early Sleng Teng / Computer riddim. 1985 release on the 10 Roosevelt Ave label. Real early digi tune this one.

Little John - Trembling Stylee

First part of the latest BOUNTY J vinyl pack that was sent over to me. Nuff respect as always Bounty. This one is from Little John with Trembling Stylee. 1986 on the Harry J label. Traffic Jam riddim. A few more tunes were released on this riddim by Harry J, 10 Roosevelt Ave, Dennis Star and Sunset labels.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

General Levy - Wickeder General EP

Part 2 of the Fashion Records double dose. This time we have General Levy with the Wickeder General EP. Released in 1993 but pressed and distributed by FFRR records (part of the London Records group). Junior Dunn voices the classic Maytals "Monkey Man"lyrics. Re-mixes are included. dsr fx 214.

Louchie Lou & Michie One - Rich Girl

Double dose from the Fashion Studios out of the UK (Clapham, London), kindly donated by the Ninja / Bounty crew. First up is Louchie Lou & Michie One with Rich Girl. Released in 1993 on the Fever Pitch riddim. 5 cuts on this vinyl with various re-mixes. This was quite a trade mark of Fashion records. Many of their later releases contained hip-hop, main, accapella and club mixes. dsr vprd 5221.