Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ninjaman & Bounty Killer - Badman A No Cub Scout bw Wayne Smith - Morning News

The 3rd part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja..... yeah yeah...Bounty & Ni nja...respect every time :) The Son and The Father together on the classic "Badman A No Cub Scout". Also released on the Greensleeves label and soon came the jungle remix.... anyway that's another subject... by the way..did i forget..on the flip side is Wayne Smith with Morning News. King Jammy's Production. El verano ya se ha ido!!!!

Courtney Melody - Black Liberation bw Stop Inform

The 1st part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja. This one the US based label Crat Productions, from Brooklyn. Courtney Melody on a 12" excursion with Black Liberation and the flip side Stop Inform. True digital style. dsr brcr 2. Bless.

Malibu - Push Wood

The 2nd part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja. This one a bit of a mystery. But once you hear it you gonna want to "Push Wood Inna Di Fire". Produced by P. Roberts On Daddy Roots label from 1985

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bounty Killer - Go Now

Lord have mercy.... GCT Tax gon 15%... They must go now.........
The big bad Bounty Killer on the Stalag riddim from 1991. Nuff respect Waree.

Trinity - Three Piece Suit bw Mighty Two - Big Fat Thing

On the I'm Still In Love With You Riddim. Produced by Joe Gibbs in 1977, on the A side we have Trinity with Three Piece Suit and on the flip side Mighty Two - Big Fat Thing. Can't make up my mind which is the better tune....Thanks WAREE. dsr 3269A + 3270B

Peter Metro & Jackie Statement - Yes Daddy

Another massive Waree contribution. 1987 release on the Power House label. Peter Metro & Jackie Statement on the No Mama riddim with some crazy vocals by Peter Metro. Rewind mi selector and come back again...

Charlie Chaplin - Hey Youth Man

1984 Shank I Shenk riddim on the Sunset label. Charlie Chaplin with Hey Youth Man. Waree.. just love the feel of this record..!! Pure JA vinyl. dsr 3769A + 3770b

Horace Martin - Frazzle Out

1986 Skengdon release, Horace Martin with Frazzle Out.Produced by Kenneth Black. dsr skd 020 a/b. Big thanks to Waree.

Tenor Saw & Buju Banton - Ring The Alarm Quick

Wicked Waree contribution on the Techniques label. 1991 release inna mix up style with Tenor Saw and Buju Banton with Ring The Alarm Quick. Bless

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philip Myers - Getho Struggle

Every now and then a vinyl comes out of the crates, you play it, once, twice, three time, and before you know what, you can't take it off your decks.........this is one of them....and nuff respect goes to Bounty J for this one. the year 1986, Junior Militant label out of the US and Philip Myers with Getho Struggle in a true digital style...bless

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Papa San - Nuh Tek Me Serious

1988 Duck ridddim on the Steely & Clevie label. Papa San with Nuh Tek Me Serious. Tuff tune.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Banana Man - Rough Neck Sound Killer

On the Real Rock riddim, Banana Man with the wicked "Rough Neck Sound Killer" tune. 1989 Digital B.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Phillip Fraser - You're No Good

On a roots tip with this one. From 1979, Phillip Fraser with You're No Good