Sunday, August 15, 2010

Philip Myers - Getho Struggle

Every now and then a vinyl comes out of the crates, you play it, once, twice, three time, and before you know what, you can't take it off your decks.........this is one of them....and nuff respect goes to Bounty J for this one. the year 1986, Junior Militant label out of the US and Philip Myers with Getho Struggle in a true digital style...bless


carl Finlay said...

what a brilliant tune..thanks a million for posting!
do u have any of the other digikiller re-releases? "Cane Juice-Joker Bad Boy"; "The Hax-Duppy" "Mystic-Youths Get Tricked" etc etc

Anonymous said...

I would loooove t hear this one!

Lambsbread said...

Couldnt agree more! FAAAAYAA!!

novu said...

that´s what i expect on this blog ;)

fits good in my "smooth digital" playlist! ruff riddim and sweet singing.. whoi!

thanks again

Anonymous said...

this tune is in print still it got re-issued this year