Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ninjaman & Bounty Killer - Badman A No Cub Scout bw Wayne Smith - Morning News

The 3rd part of the triple whammy sent by mi bredren Bounty & Ninja..... yeah yeah...Bounty & Ni nja...respect every time :) The Son and The Father together on the classic "Badman A No Cub Scout". Also released on the Greensleeves label and soon came the jungle remix.... anyway that's another subject... by the way..did i forget..on the flip side is Wayne Smith with Morning News. King Jammy's Production. El verano ya se ha ido!!!!

1 comment:

novu said...

ruffest sleng teng version!!!

powerfull singing by the man wayne smith.

rewind me selector spread the knowledge, give thanks!