Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Junior Demus - Boy A Boy

Part 6 / 8 from Ninja B's great contribution.
One of my all time favourite artists ....Junior Demus...just love his style. Boy A Boy.... unfortunately i can't find any info on the riddim or year.. any help on this one????


Anonymous said...

The original 12" of this was on the SUPREME label . Produced by LAING who puts on STING concerts.

The year woould be 1988-89 ... I had just met my future wife dem days deh... lol

Probably the FIRST tune that put Jr. Demus on the map... in those days he had not got "stuck" on his current vocal gear (the one which sounds like he is talking from behind a glass...lol)

WICKED TUNE... mmmmmmmmmm, boy yu ah...mmmmmmmmmmmm...boy yu ah.......mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Stevie P said...

Many thanks for the info on this

Anonymous said...

on the same riddim mr franckie paul "kuff"
kuff!! dont mess with me
kuff!! me a de sing daddy
this riddim seem atractive for soundclash!!

Anonymous said...

This Is A Cut Of John Holt & The Paragons "ANYWHERE" An Original CoxSone/Studio One Rhythm. C Below :


Ruben Da Silva Seh Dat Seeeen!1<3:0)