Saturday, November 27, 2010

Carl Meeks / Carl Brown - Beeper Business

Ok.. Here is Beeper Business. I am always glad to help out with requests as long as i have them. Big respect goes out to RIPPAMMELL for this one. I hope he doesn't mind the re-upload of this tune (his site is no longer up). Now comes the part which help is needed.... in the file it is credited to CARL BROWN, but on the web it is credited (overall) to CARL MEEKS, but i found 1 site which states carl brown. Anyone know?


novu said...

yes, big up rippammell!

if you want to ask him, check youtube/firstrateselector

btw loved the naphtali, rewind!!!

Anonymous said...

Not bad but...that ain't no Meeks.

Soundspot said...

His voice is different than Meek's voice, I'd say it's two different guy.