Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little John - True Confessions & Shadowman - Calypso

Classic tune here from Little John with his "True Confessions" which rolls into Shadowman with "Calypso" in a rub a dub style. Side B we have the Roots Radics providing us with the dub version. 12" 1983 release on the Rusty international label from the U.K. distributed by Jet Star.


Ninja B said...

those drums!!
little John going steady!
killer tune!
its quality that we are used from you, Stevie

Stevie P said...

No worries Ninja...bless

Anonymous said...

The hostin site sucks ! Can't download files properly and it's limited to 1 file per hour... Megaupload is better.

And by the way, good to see you posting again !


Anonymous said...

this version of doesn't work at all here. can't get anything. looks like great stuff though, thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

Remember before blogging sucked?