Thursday, April 15, 2010

Junior Reid - Concrete Castle King

Going back a few few years here with Junior Reid and Concrete Castle King on the Wambesi label. Roots style at it's best.

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Anonymous said...

Yeahhh !!! Massive thanks rewindmiselector !!

Big label, Big artist, Big lyrics

Written by: Lloyd Oliver Willis

Dennis Brown - Concrete Castle King

Concrete castle king, won't you give us a helping hand ?
Concrete castle king, I hope you will understand
we're suffering

Verse 1:
Living in your concrete castle on the hill
You don't know what life is like in the ghetto
Living in a two by four with no place to walk around, no, no,
While you're in a castle all alone

repeat Chorus

Verse 2:
Life isn't easy in the ghetto, no
It's hard to keep from getting into trouble
The temptation is great
And you don't have no one to say: don't do it, no, no, no, no
Concrete castle king, we do need your help
Many days we stand in rain & sun
Waiting for the boss that never comes
You pass by in your fancy car
Wearing a plastic smile & smoking a big cigar

Repeat chorus
+ we're suffering, we're suffering
We do need your help