Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tiger - Love Line

yeah... fi real.... Spiderman label.... this tune is on the Taxi riddim. Tiger ( his day he was good, with his style and performances on the Sting and many other stage shows from the late 80's to the 90's....nowadays is a different story....) with Love Line.
ANYWAY's the deal....iam sure i have it but at this moment i can't find it...but there is a Little John tune i heard on a King Stur Garv live session where Little John was clashing (in good humour) with Ninjaman and LJ dropped this song which is NEAR ENOUGH the same tune and then Ninjaman SANG back his counteraction..... any help ????? anyway as always ENJOY !


Anonymous said...

The stur gav session you refer to is which year?

Stevie ¨P said...

I am pretty sure it was from 2007 but could be from 2008. let me check my files, as i have the sound session on my pc.

Stevie P said...

yeah the session was - king stur garv - inna st bess feat ninjaman, little john -june 2007. little john sings "If you ever need me, just call me on the phone line, you got my number if you ever....", then ninjaman counteracts with "you found love on a two way street..." ..wicked session..